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Adele's is open until Thanksgiving!

Adele's will be open with our full menu until Wednesday, November 22nd! Start placing your pie & custard orders for Thanksgiving today by emailing us! Adeles@adelescustard.com

We will close for our 2017 season on Wednesday, November 22nd, We will re-open for one day on Saturday, December 23rd 11am-7pm for Winter Fix Day!  (feel free to email us your pie/custard orders today!!) After that, you will have to wait until Thursday, March 1st 2018 to get your Adele's fix!! Thank you so much for an awesome summer and we look forward to seeing you all this fall! 

Pies for Thanksgiving!! 

Pumpkin Pie- We start with a graham cracker crust & add caramel to the bottom. We the use homemade pumpkin custard to fill the crust & top it with whipped cream & cinnamon!  **please call ahead 24 hours to order this pie. 

Oreo Pie- We start with an Oreo pie crust & give it a nice layer of fudge, then add our homemade vanilla custard. Fudge is placed on top of the pie along with Oreos, whipped cream & a cherry! 

Turtle Pie- An oreo pie crust is covered with a layer of caramel, homemade vanilla custard is then filled into the crust. Finally a layer of creamy fudge is topped by pecans, cashews & a caramel drizzle!

Chocolate Raspberry Truffle Pie- We start with a oreo pie crust followed by a layer of fudge. Then homemade chocolate custard is added along with another layer of fudge, raspberries & truffle chocolate!

Want something different? Send us an email, we would be happy to make a custome one for you!

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