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Adele's Staff

History of Adele's and a Letter to You

Adele’s Frozen Custard was founded in 1988 by (who else?) Adele herself! Her top-secret custard recipe soon became a hit with locals and lake-visitors alike. Adele’s custard is made using a special technique that very few other custard/ice cream producers in the state use. Adele’s heavenly custard recipe, and our fresh, premium ingredients, make Adele’s Custard (we think) the best custard in the state.

Today Adele’s custard is owned by me! We pride ourselves on hiring the BEST of the BEST of local-area employees, producing top-quality products, and NEVER cutting corners to give customers the best experience possible. We want you to walk away smiling and satisfied EVERY time you come to Adele’s, whether it is to sit leisurely on our patio with your family on a hot summer’s night or to quickly grab a sandwich at our drive thru during your work week.

Every one of the 30 employees at Adele’s is dedicated to making Adele’s a wonderful place to visit. We hope you find this to be true, and that you truly taste why custard is "Ice Cream Made Better!" Please visit us soon, and let us know about it (email or call anytime). We guarantee your experience will be a good one…or your custard is on us.


FAQ: What Is the Difference Between Ice Cream and Custard?

The number one question people ask on their first visit to Adele’s is: "What IS Frozen Custard, anyway?" Well, we always like to say, "Frozen Custard is Ice Cream Made Better!" If you want to know the technical side of it, though, here it is!

Ice cream is simply a base of cream, milk and sugar. What makes ice cream into "frozen custard" is the addition of egg yolk to this base. Also, when ice cream is made, air is whipped INTO it. When custard is made, air is whipped OUT of it, which gives frozen custard the smooth, velvety rich texture that we promise will make a frozen custard-believer out of even the most die-hard ice cream fans.

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