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Adele’s Custard Flavors

Hover over flavors to view available descriptions. Order 1 gallon or more of your favorite flavor at any time! We will custom make it for you with 24 hours notice.

*denotes flavors that are also available in our non-fat frozen yogurt.

Almond JoyAn almond custard with almonds, coconut flakes & Truffle chocolate!Almond Joy

Apple Crisp A caramel cinnamon custard w/ grahm craker pie crust & apple pie filling!Apple Crisp

Banana Chocolate ChipA banana custard with chocolate chips mixed in!Banana Chocolate Chip

Banana RoyaleA banana custard with hot fudge drizzled inBanana Royale

Bear PawA caramel custard with pecan pieces & Truffle chocolate!Bear Paw

Berries and CreamA cream custard with raspberries & blueberries!Berries and Cream

Berry BerryA strawberry, raspberry, black raspberry custard with raspberries & strawberries mixed in! A fruit lovers favorite!!Berry Berry*

Black CherryA black cherry custard w/ dark sweet cherries mixed in!Black Cherry*

Black RaspberryA black raspberry custard with blackberries mixed inBlack Raspberry*

Blue MoonA citrius flavored custard!Blue Moon

BlueberryA blueberry custard with blueberries mixed in.Blueberry*

Brownie SundaeA vanilla custard with brownie chuncks & fudge!Brownie Sundae

Bubble GumA bubble gum custard with bubble gum pieces!Bubble Gum

Butter AlmondA butter almond custard with almonds mixed inButter Almond*

Butter PecanA butter pecan custard with pecans mixed in!Butter Pecan*

ButterfingerA butterscotch/peanutbutter custard with butterfinger candy mixed in!Butterfinger

ButterscotchA butterscotch flavored custard!Butterscotch*

Caramel CashewA caramel custard with caramel drizzle & cashew pieces!Caramel Cashew

Carrot CakeA carrot cake custard with coconut, walnuts & cream cheese frosting mixed in!Carrot Cake

Chocolate AmarettoA chocolate almond flavored custard!Chocolate Amaretto

Caramel MacchiatoA caramel/kahula custard with carmel drizzled in!Caramel Macchiato

Cherry Pie Ala modeA vanila custard with grahm cracker pie crust & cherry pie filling!Cherry Pie Ala mode

Chocolate ChipA vanilla custard with chocolate chips!Chocolate Chip

Chocolate Covered CherryA chocolate/cherry custard with truffle chocolate & maraschino cherries mixed in!Chocolate Covered Cherry

Chocolate Orange TruffleA chocolate/orange custard with mandarin oranges & truffle chocolate!Chocolate Orange Truffle

Chocolate MaltA chocolate malt flavored custard!Chocolate Malt*

Chocolate Raspberry TruffleA chocolate custard with raspberries & truffle chocolate! **BEST SELLER**Chocolate Raspberry Truffle

Coconut CreamA coconut custard with coconut flakes mixed in!Coconut Cream*

Cookie DoughA vanilla custard with cookie dough & truffle chocolate mixed in!Cookie Dough

Cookies 'N CreamA cream custard with oreo cookies broken up in it!Cookies 'N Cream

Death by ChocolateA chocolate custard with brownie chunk & fudge mixed in! Death by Chocolate

Dirt & WormsA chocolate custard with oreos 7 gummy worms!Dirt & Worms

DrumstickA vanilla custard with broken up sugar cone, peanuts & Truffle chocolate!Drumstick

Egg NogA Egg Nog flavored custard!! *avaliable around the holidays**Egg Nog

Fat ElvisA peanutbutter/banana custard with brownie chunks!Fat Elvis

French Silk PieA chocolate/cream custard with nilla wafers & truffle chocolate!French Silk Pie

Fresh PeachA peach custard with fresh peaches added in!Fresh Peach*

Fried Ice CreamA cinnamon honey custard with frosted flakes mixed in.Fried Ice Cream

German Chocolate CakeA chocolate/coconut/caramel custard with walnuts & coconut flakes!German Chocolate Cake

Ginger SnapA ginger cinnamon custard with ginger snaps added!Ginger Snap

Grasshopper PieA mint custard with fudge & oreos!Grasshopper Pie

Heath BarA toffee custard with heath bar mixed in!Heath Bar

Honey AlmondA honey custard with almonds mixed inHoney Almond*

KahluaA coffee custard!Kahlua*

Key LimeA key lime flavored custard!Key Lime*

Lemon BarA lemon custard with powdered sugar & shortbread cookie!Lemon Bar

Lemon ChiffonA lemon flavored custard!Lemon Chiffon*

Maple NutA maple custard with walnuts!Maple Nut*

Mint Chocolate ChipA mint custard with chocolate chips!Mint Chocolate Chip

Mint OreoA mint custard with oreos!Mint Oreo

MochaA kahlua/chocolate custard!*for coffee lovers!!**Mocha

Mocha ChipA kahlua/chocolate custardwith chocolate chips!Mocha Chip

Mudd PieA kahlua custard with oreos & fudge! Mudd Pie

New York CherryA vanilla custard with dark, sweet cherries mixed in!New York Cherry

Orange CreamsicleA orange creamsicle custard!Orange Creamsicle*

Peanut BrittleA peanutbutter/butterscotch custard with peanuts & caramel drizzled in!Peanut Brittle

Peanut Butter FudgeA peanutbutter/chocolate custard with fudge!Peanut Butter Fudge

Peppermint StickA peppermint custard with peppermint candy! *avalible around the holidays*Peppermint Stick

PineappleA pineapple custard with pineapple mixed in!Pineapple*

Puppy ChowA peanutbutter/chocolate custard with powdered sugar & chex cereal!Puppy Chow

PistachioA pistachio custard with pistachio nuts!Pistachio*

Raspberry CheesecakeA raspberry/cheescake custard with raspberries mixed in!Raspberry Cheesecake

Raspberry LemonadeA raspberry/lemon custard with raspberries mixed in!Raspberry Lemonade*

Red RaspberryA raspberry custard with raspberries mixed in!Red Raspberry*

Red VelvetA red velvet cake custard with cream cheese frosting!!Red Velvet

Reese's Peanut Butter CupA peanut butter custard with reese's peanutbutter cups mixed in!Reese's Peanut Butter Cup

Reese's PiecesA peanutbutter custard with reese's pieces mixed in!Reese's Pieces

Rice Crispy TreatA marshamellow custard with rice crispy cereal mixed in!Rice Crispy Treat

Rocky RoadA chocolate custad with peanuts, caramel drizzle & marshmallows!Rocky Road

Rootbeer FloatA rootbeer custard with marshmallowsRootbeer Float

Salted Nut RollA caramel custard with peanuts & caramel drizzle!Salted Nut Roll

Sam Twetan ExperienceA caramel/sea salt custard!Sam Twetan Experience

Shark AttackA blueberry custard with raspberries & shark gummy fruit snacks!Shark Attack

SmoresA chocolate custard with truffle chocolate, marshmallowsSmores

Snicker BarA caramel custard with snicker bar & caramel drizzle!Snicker Bar

StrawberryA strawberry custard with strawberries!Strawberry*

Strawberry CheesecakeA strawberry/cheesecake custard with strawberries!Strawberry Cheesecake

Strawberry ShortcakeA vanilla custard with strawberries & homemade shortcake!Strawberry Shortcake

Tin RoofA vanilla custard with peanuts, fudge & caramel!Tin Roof

Turtle SundaeA vanilla custard with pecans, fudge & caramel!Turtle Sundae

Toffee AlmondA almond custard with heath bar mixed in!Toffee Almond

Toffee CoffeeA kahula custard with health bar!Toffee Coffee

Twix BarA caramel custard with lornadon cookies, caramel & truffle drizzle!Twix Bar

Whopper Malt BallA malt custard with whopper candy!Whopper Malt Ball

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